Corrupt Professors

I’ve mostly been following corruption as it pertains to the media and politicians, but I found this post on an Armenian blog about corruption at Yerevan State University to be even more disturbing in many ways. According to the blog post, the majority of YSU professors accept bribes from students, and some even refuse to give passing grades without first recieving a bribe. American students often joke about bribing professors, but the jokes are only funny because academic integrity is so firmly established. It would be almost unthinkable for a professor to actually accept a bribe. The societal repercussions, especially in a developing country, of such widespread academic corruption are quite serious.

First of all, bribery completely undermines the value of a YSU degree, because a diploma doesn’t say anything about a student’s academic achievemnt but only the quality of grades he was able to buy. Additionally, it widens the gap between the haves and have nots. Students who are already more privileged can better afford their grades. Students with less financial resources have a difficult time completing their education if a bribe is required for even a passing grade. If Armenia is to advance as a society, academic corruption is a serious obstacle that must be addressed.

A side note on press intimidation: the blogger notes that YSU students recently protested by hanging poster-size photos of corrupt professors on a busy street. A reporter who covered the story was beaten.

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